Welcome to SalsaPura one of the most famous salsa schools in Cali Colombia

SalsaPura dance academy, located in the city center of Cali Colombia, is a dance school for local people aswell as for travelers and expats who want to learn to dance salsa, kizomba or bachata.

We are dance without boarders - A dance school in Cali with professional teachers with international experience.

SalsaPura is a dance and salsa school in Cali Colombia that focuses on the teaching of social and artistic dance in our three main styles – salsa, bachata and kizomba. We offer private and group classes of all levels – beginners, basic, intermediate and advanced.

We love teaching and sharing our knowledge with everyone who is interested in learning to dance. In SalsaPura we not only teach dancing, we also do community. That’s why we welcome local, national and foreign people with open arms. We are the number one school in Cali to teach foreigners to dance because our methodology is designed in order to learn in an easy, fast and fun way, always with the best attitude for your training.

Our main activities are personalized classes focused on the needs and priorities of our students. We also offer:

group classes from basic education to professional level
group classes focused to dance socially in a club from its basic to higher level
group classes for professional dancers
classes at professional level for show and performance
classes for visitors with a short stay, interested in our program “Create your own SHOW”, where you will experience performing a show at your own level – inexperienced, debuting, amateur, intermediate or professional.

We are located in San Antonio, the tourist area of Cali where there is a diversity of cultures among tourists, locals and foreigners living in Cali.



Passionate about their profession

Carlos Ceballos

Creative Director

Lisa Ryding

Head of Administration

Didier Romero

General Manager


Passionate about their profession

Didier Romero

Lisa Ryding

Carlos ceballos

Camilo Ramírez

Yesica Cundumi

Danny Rojas

David Pisso

Mayerlin Chávez

Johnatan Alvarado

Director Trainee Group

Sita Carhill

Educational mission of our dance school

In our dance school SalsaPura in Cali Colombia we provide you a staff of excellent teachers. They love to teach and share their knowledge of salsa, bachata and kizomba through pedagogical teachings. Also they highlight the joy, flavor and spontaneity in our dance classes. All are trained with a methodology designed to help you learn in an easy, fast and fun way.

For SalsaPura, teaching and learning is of top priority. For this reason our teachers receive weekly methodical, social and tecnical training for their own motivation and growth as teachers aswell as being able to develop the best dancing classes.

We love what we do and through teaching we provide a passion for dancing, therefore we can live fulfilling experiences and meet people who become friends and family. Your comfort is very important to us. Therefore we also have an administration team that knows best about the importance of customer service. They can help you out with everything you need. For instance schedule classes, suggestions, tour guides, organizing shows for your event and much more.